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ISRC_2012_003 Mr.Prakash Krishnan B.S.
ISRC_2012_004 Dr.Sheela Immanuel
ISRC_2012_005 Dr.S.Sunitha
ISRC_2012_006 Ms.Vidya P.
ISRC_2012_007 Mr.Vishnu S Nath
ISRC_2012_008 Ms.Aswathy G.H.Nair
ISRC_2012_009 Dr.S.G.NAIR
ISRC_2012_010 Dr.Vandana Venugopal
ISRC_2012_011 Dr.KETAN. D. DESAI
ISRC_2012_012 Ms.Merlin
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Reconstitution of the Editorial board of Journal of Root Crops
National Conference on Tropical Tuber Crops for Sustainability, Tradition, Agri-Food Systems & Resilience (NCTTC 4STAR 2023)
Membership fees of the society revised
Travel grant scheme announced
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