Vol 42, No 2 (2016)

Journal of Root Crops, Vol 42(2)

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Research Articles

Production of Synthetic Seed in Cassava ( Manihot esculenta Crantz) PDF
Vivek Hegde, T Makeshkumar, M N Sheela, C Visalakshi Chandra, A V V Koundinya, Shirly Raichal Anil, R Muthuraj, S Darshan 5-9
Classification and Selection of Edible Cassava Lines Based on Cyanide Levels PDF
P Ashok, James George, A Pavani Priyanka 10-13
Development of Nutritionally Rich Orange- Fleshed Sweet Potato Lines: A Way to Increase Consumer Acceptance in Andhra Pradesh PDF
P Ashok, James George, A Pavani Priyanka 14-17
Morphological Evaluation of Taro ( Colocasia esculenta Linn.) Genotypes Collected from Manipur State of India and their Yield Performance PDF
Kh Swarnalata Devi, K James Singh, A K Bijaya Devi, Joydip Mandal, H Birkumar Singh 18-23
Performance of Costus speciosus Genotypes under Different Agro-Climatic Zones of Chhattisgarh PDF
R R Kanwar, Deo Shankar, D P Singh, M K Sahu, Kamal Narayan, Deepanshu Mukherjee 24-27
Genetic Resources of Tuber Crops in Tripura and Tuber Crop Based Ethnic Foods PDF
Biswajit Das, H Lembisana Devi, S V Ngachan 28-38
Soil Test Crop Response based Integrated Plant Nutrient Supply for Cassava in a Typic Rhodustalf of Tamil Nadu for Sustainable Livelihood PDF
S Suganya, S Manickam 39-43
Enhancement of Cassava Productivity by Adopting Integrated Crop Management Practices in Tamil Nadu: A Case Study PDF
M Malarkodi, M Ravi 44-46
Effect of Weed Management Practices on Weed Dynamics, Yield and Economics of Sweet Potato ( Ipomoea batatas L.) PDF
R S Singh, P P Singh, A Narayan 47-51
Low Cost Traditional Cassava Starch Factory Solid Waste (Thippi) Composting: A Possible Strategy for Organic Nutrient Management and Economic Security for Tribal Farmers PDF
S Chithra, K Susan John, J Sreekumar 52-58
Quality Planting Material Production of Elephant Foot Yam through Farmers Participatory Approach in the Tribal Belts of Kerala PDF
S Sunitha, James George, R Muthuraj, M N Sheela, T Makeshkumar 59-61
Effect of Spacing and Size of Planting Material on Elephant Foot Yam Grown as Intercrop in Coconut Garden PDF
P K Salam, Beena Singh, D S Ram, R K Patel 62-65
Development of Protocol for Custom Mixed Fertilizers for Elephant Foot Yam under Intercropping in Coconut Gardens of the Two Agro- Ecological Units of Kerala PDF
P S Anju, K Susan John, Subhendu Bhadraray, G Suja, Jeena Mathew, K M Nair, S Sunitha, S S Veena 66-74
Effect of Growth Regulator and Chemical Treatment on Dormancy Breaking in Elephant Foot Yam ( Amorphophallus paeoniifolius (Dennst.) Nicolson) PDF
R Muthuraj, James George, S Sunitha 75-80
Effect of Growing Different Leafy Vegetables as Intercrop on the Yield of Summer Colocasia in Bastar Plateau of Chhattisgarh PDF
Deo Shankar, A K Thakur, R R Kanwar, D P Singh 81-85
Leaf Area Estimation in Yam Bean ( Pachyrrhizus erosus L.) using Linear Measurement of Leaf Parameters PDF
J Suresh Kumar, Sanket J More, V Ravi, G Byju, James George 86-89
Morphometric Variations in Cassava ( Manihot esculenta Crantz) Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) from different Agro-Ecological Zones of Kerala, India PDF
E R Harish, Mani Chellappan, T Makesh Kumar, M T Ranjith, A R Ambavane 90-102
Cassava Leaves Defoliation for Eri Silk Worm Rearing and its Impact on Cassava Tuber Yield PDF
B K Saud, S Alam, L Dutta, B D Narzary, P Bora 103-106
Piriformospora indica, a Cultivable Endophyte for Growth Promotion and Disease Management in Taro ( Colocasia esculenta (L.) PDF
P Lakshmipriya, Vishnu S Nath, S S Veena, K N Anith, J Sreekumar, M L Jeeva 107-114
Mining of Resistance Gene Analogues for Anthracnose Disease in Greater Yam ( Dioscorea alata L.) PDF
G Saranya, Vishnu S Nath, M L Jeeva, M N Sheela, T Makeshkumar 115-120
Optimization of Media for Antimicrobial Activity of Enterobacter sp. Associated with Entomopathogenic Nematode Rhabditid sp. PDF
B G Sangeetha, C A Jayaprakas, J R Jithine, C Mohandas 121-127
Effect of Ultrasound and Cellulase Pre-Treatment on Extractability and Properties of Taro Starch PDF
Nandan Sit 128-133
Farmers’ Perspectives on Biotechnology Innovation on a New Cassava Variety in Tamil Nadu PDF
Alessandra Guilani, K R Ashok, Rahel Wyss, Karin Zbinden 134-141
Tuber Crops Based Farming System: A Way forward for Livelihood Options of Nicobari Tribes in Andaman & Nicobar Islands PDF
V Damodaran, M Sankaran, L B Singh, T Subramani, I Jaisankar, James George, S Dam Roy 142-147
Strategies to Optimise Tuber Crops Based Cropping Patterns in Tribal Areas to Ensure Livelihood Security PDF
M R Indu 148-151
Tuber Crop Based Farming System: An Approach to Boost up Livelihood of Marginal Farmers PDF
B K Saud, S Alam, James George, G N Hazarika, Madhumita Choudhury Talukdar, U Kotoky, B Gogoi 152-157
Enhancement of Food and Nutritional Security of Rural Poor through Tuber Crops PDF
Aliza Pradhan, A K Panda, Mahesh Maske, R V Bhavani 158-162
Economic Analysis of Sweet Potato Farming and Marketing in Odisha PDF
P Prakash, Avinash Kishore, Devesh Roy, Debdutt Behura 163-167

Short Communications

Potential of Tuber Crops in Achieving Food Security and Improving the Economy of the Tribals of Manipur PDF
A K Bijaya Devi, K James Singh 168-172
Tuber Crop Cultivation in Mewar Region of Rajasthan: Opportunities and Strategies PDF
R S Rathore, Sunil Pareek, Manish Kalal, James George 173-176
Performance of Short Duration Cassava ( Manihot esculenta Crantz) Varieties on Yield and Quality under Manipur condition PDF
K James Singh, Kh Swarnalata Devi, Momoko Thokchom, A K Bijaya Devi 177-178
Effect of Intercropping on Yield Attributes and Yield of Taro ( Colocasia esculenta Schott.) under the Sloppy Foot Hills of Manipur PDF
Momoko Thokchom, K James Singh, Ravi Kiran Thirumdasu, A K Bijaya Devi 179-182
Wild Tubers Consumed by the Indigenous Communities of Parambikulam and Vazhachal Regions of Kerala PDF PDF
V V Rajasree 183-184
Indigenous Traditional Knowledge on Tuber Crops in Bihar PDF
P P Singh, A Narayan, R S Singh 185-186

ISSN: 2454-9053